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The Njanjma Rangers are predominately members of the Maniligarr, Mandjurrlgunj and Bunitj Clans of West Arnhem Land. 

We are the children and grandchildren of the late Na Godjok Nayinggul and Big Bill Neidjie, who although no longer with us, still continue to guide and direct us through their parting instructions to continue to care for country, culture and community.

 Our distinct management focus is aligned to cultural heritage management. We strongly believe that by keeping culture strong everything else in our world will also be well managed.



“Our story is in the land. It is the land. Our kunred (country) and the sacred places, bim (rock art), plants and animals within it are our responsibility.
The country, culture and languages of our families keep us connected and we will look after country together as we have always done.
Njanjma Rangers follow the laws of our elders and we will pass these laws on to our children and share our culture with the world.

Caring for the heath of our country, culture and community is our job.”

Njanjma Ranger Manbiyarra at Jacob's Hand rock art site.Njanjma Ranger Manbiyarra at Jacob's Hand rock art site.


Rangers Tyron, Manbiyara and Newton.Rangers Tyron, Manbiyara and Newton.

"Our land has a big story. Sometimes we tell a little bit at a time. Come and hear our stories, see our land. 

A little bit might stay in your hearts. 

If you want more, you can come back..."

  Na Godjok Nayinggul

“Our story is in the land. It is written in our sacred places.

My children will look after those places.

That is the law.”

Bill Neidji

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