Njanjma Rangers will spend time on country with people, keep country healthy, and keep the plants and animals where they should be.

Our MISSION is to…

Sustainably and effectively self-manage our opportunities and interests on our country.

Whether the opportunity is economic and commercial, of social/community benefit or relating to environmental and cultural heritage protection and conservation, it remains our responsibility and obligation.

If it’s happening on our country, it needs to be, and will be, managed by Bininj.

We have some ways to go in the building of the skills and expertise of our members, but one thing we know for sure is…sustainable and therefore effective management can only occur in remote locations if local people fulfill the management roles.

Our Values

  • The community respects the contributions and knowledge of community elders in providing leadership.

  • The community values promoting, keeping and renewing traditional culture. It recognises the significance of land in the maintenance of traditional culture.

  • Individual community members and their families are in the best position to determine their own needs.

  • DAI and our community are committed in promoting self-support and self-sufficiency /sustainability of members in meeting their stated goals.

  • Maintain accountability through a governing committee that is representative of its membership and to aim for openness in respect of its decision making principles.

  • DAI’s Membership is committed to the process of reconciliation.  

  • Reconciliation principles will be implemented with all business dealings within our internal and external stakeholders. Promoting a united community that has a respect for land and provides justice and equity for all.

 Fire Management is a critical program area for Njanjma RangersFire Management is a critical program area for Njanjma Rangers

How did we get to this point?
In order to implement and achieve the instructions of our old people there has been a great deal of planning and development over many years to get to this point. The outcomes of all this planning and development is outlined in the following plans, reports and other strategic documents.
They include;

  • Manbiyarra Development Plan

  • Maniligarr Tourism Business Workshop

  • Bunitj Moneylines Workshop

  • Mandjurrlgunj Clan Moneylines Workshop

  • Djabulukgu Association Incorporated Indigenous Employment Strategy

  • Diverse Travel Australia (DTA) /DAI – Bininj Guides  Indigenous Employment Program

  • Manbiyarra 2020 Strategic Plan

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