Under contract to Parks Australia, Njanjma Rangers already provide ranger talks to tourists at Ubirr – and this has been very well received.

  • Further develop and diversify cultural tourism product that optimises present operations through increased exposer and access/availability to wider markets
  • Utilising the existing Mangarre Monsoon Walk on the banks of the East Alligator River – plan for, develop and deliver a Daluk only walk and talk for visitors to MVP
  • Utilise the existing Bardedjilidji Sandstone Walk and plan for, develop and deliver an active cultural experience for visitors to MVP
  • Develop and deliver ‘niche’ thematic and activity based  cultural tourism product for short term visitors for MVP
  • Develop and deliver ‘niche’ gender specific thematic and activity based tourism product for special interest groups on extended itineraries.
  • Develop and deliver Bininj and Daluk guided walking tours from the Border Store (point of sale) to Ubirr Rock Art Complex (includes sunset and bus transit return to BS).
  • Develop and deliver a Bininj guided introduction to spear manufacturing where the client has the opportunity to try their hands at the  traditional and ancient hunting method
  • Develop and deliver a collaborative journey of enlightenment across the Top End of Australia where the manufacture and use of the spear and spear thrower are the central themes
  • Develop the world’s best extended rock art tour across the Top End of Australia for the high end, mature and educated market

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